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Frequently Asked Questions


Is the wedding still on?
We had to push back the date, but the wedding is still going to happen. We've been working with the resort, and they've assured us that we (and all all of our guests) will be able to reschedule at no additional charge unless you're upgrading a room. We're terribly sorry we had to reschedule, but we were left with very little choice. We hope that you'll still be able to join us!

What's the new date?
March 15, 2021.

When are the bride and groom staying?
March 10-19, 2021. Flight information has been posted on the Events page.

How do I change my reservation?
Call 1-800-SANDALS and speak with a representative. They've received a lot of calls for reservation changes, so the hold times might be a little longer than expected. Please be sure to mention that you're also a member of a wedding group.

Has the group code for the wedding changed?

What are the requirements to enter the country?
In short, you'll have to take a temperature check, provide proof of a negative PCR test within 7 days of travel, and submit a travel registration form no later than one week prior to travel. Hard copies of all documentation must be brought with you. For more info, see here.

Can I rent a private car for transport?
No, but Sandals has reduced occupancy rules for their shuttles.

Is private helicopter transfer still available?
Yes, but you'll still have to wear PPE.

Do we have to wear masks at the resort?
Masks must be worn in common areas like hallways and elevators, but can be removed at the pool and in restaurants.

Can we leave the resort?
You can leave the resort only after staying for 14 days or if on an excursion affiliated with the resort.

Are you still doing a U.S. After-Party?
Yes, but we're not sure what the new date will be. We'll update the Events page as soon as we have that information.

I have more questions around COVID.
The St. Lucia travel protocols can be found here.
The Sandals COVID protocols can be found here.


Why did you choose to have a destination wedding?
There were quite a lot of reasons, actually.
  • We got engaged in St. Lucia and loved it so much we decided to go back.
  • We wanted to keep the wedding small since we're relatively private people; if you're invited, it's because we like you!
  • We wanted to share the experience of the island with our closest friends; what better way than having a weeklong party on the beach?

How do I RSVP?
Please use the RSVP section of this website. If you're unable to find your invitation entry, please contact us directly.

I can't afford to come. What now?
We'll see you at the next one! All joking aside, we'll be holding another small celebration once we return to the U.S. for the people who'd like to attend but aren't able; please check the Events page for details.

Can I bring a +1?


Do you have a group code?
Yes. The group code is WG19138381. Please be sure to use it when you book your reservation, as it's very important to helping us track our RSVP's and should provide you with a discount.

I didn't enter the group code. What do I do now?
Please call 1-800-SANDALS and speak with a representative to have them add the group code to your reservation. If you're unable to do so, please contact us directly.

When should I book my reservation?
It's recommended that you book your reservations as soon as possible to ensure the rooms don't sell out. In fact, this very issue was one of the reasons we decided to move the wedding date back by several months. Please remember to use the group code!

If I book my reservation now, do I have to pay up front?
No. It costs approximately $100 to create the reservation; the remainder of your balance is due 45 days prior to check-in.

Can I book airfare through the resort?

I know the wedding is on March 15, 2021, but how long are the bride and groom staying?
We have reservations booked from March 10 through March 19. You're welcome to stay as long or little as you'd like. We hope to see you there!


Do I need a passport?
Yes, a valid passport that expires more than six months from the date of travel is required.

I don't have a passport. How do I get one?
It's a very easy and straightforward process; most U.S. Postal Offices will process an application for you. Please don't wait until the last minute, as an application can take up to 8 weeks to be processed. For complete information, please click here.

Do I need to get a visa to travel to St. Lucia?
No. Travel visa's for tourists are granted at the port of entry when you land.

Are there any non-stop flights?
Yes. The closest airport offering non-stop service to UVF is JFK in New York City.

I'd like to take the same flight as you. Can I do so?
Yes! Our travel itinerary is posted on the Events page.

Can I carpool with you to the airport?
Yes! Our travel itinerary is posted on the Events page.

Do I need to book a rental car?
No. Transportation to and from the resort is complimentary via shuttle; private cars are available at an additional cost if you desire.

How long is the car ride?
The car takes approximately 2 hours to arrive at the resort. We recommend booking a helicopter shuttle offered by Island Routes, as the ride is only about 10 minutes. If you decide to do so, please print your confirmation for each direction prior to travelling.

We also recommend you bring any items you'll need immediately at the resort, since your luggage will be transported via shuttle and won't arrive for another 2 hours.

What's the weather like in St. Lucia?
Fantastic. It's around 85°F and sunny every day; showers happen occasionally but tend to be short and isolated.


What's the resort like?
Check out the Photos. For once, the marketing material is actually true to life.

What's included in "all-inclusive?"
Everything on the resort! Food, drink, activities, and transport are all included. If you choose to leave the resort for an excursion, these activities are not included since they're handled by a third-party company.

What do the room categories mean?
  • Sandals Luxury is the base-level accomodation available on the resort, which provides access to the entirety of the grounds except for the clubhouse area. WiFi and free in-room drinks (beer & wine) are included.
  • Club Level provides all the accomodations of Sandals Luxury, but also provides access to the clubhouse area, VIP concierge service, fully-stocked in-room bar, and streamlined check-in/check-out. For more details, click here.
  • Butler Elite is the highest tier of room category, providing all the benefits of the other two categories with the addition of a dedicated personal butler and complimentary private car service. For more details, click here.
Some rooms are available in multiple categories, but generally speaking the type of room changes with the category.

For instance, you can find a beachview room in one of the main buildings in all three categories (the floor you're allotted will change), but a swim-up room is only available in Club Level, and a private cottage is only available in the Butler Elite category.

Confused yet?

What time is check-in / check-out?
11:00 AM, but you can have your bags held at the front desk if your flight is before check-in or after check-out.

I have kids. Can they come?
Yes and no. Unfortunately Sandals is an adults-only resort, but children are allowed on the premises for the duration of the wedding ceremony and the reception with the purchase of a Wedding Pass.

Wedding Pass costs are:
  • Adults: $145
  • Children: $70
The Wedding Passes are valid for 1 hour prior to the ceremony and up to 4 hours afterward. We're working with the resort on alternative resort recommendations for guests with children and will update this website once we have more information.

I'm not staying at the resort. Can I come?
Yes, but you'll have to purchase a Day Pass. The costs are $210 for a full day or $145 if you'd only like to come for the ceremony. If possible, we'd prefer you try to stay at the resort, because we'd like to see you, and booking with the group code helps us with both tracking RSVP's and provides some cost benefit.

Do I need an AC Adapter?
No. Standard US 110v outlets are provided in every room.

Is there WiFi?
Yes, though the connection is extremely slow since the internet runs off a satellite connection. Besides, you're on a tropical island; put the phone down!

Do I need to bring cash?
It depends. Sandals is a cashless resort, and all activities on the resort are included in the cost of your stay, though you may tip your butler (if applicable) if you choose. Additionally, any items you may purchase from the gift shop are charged directly to your room.

If you choose to leave the resort for shopping or excursions through a third-party, you'll probably want some cash to tip the tour guides.


What is there to do?
If sitting around and enjoying a drink in the sun is more your style, there are 5 pools, a few swim-up bars, and a mile of beach to enjoy.

If you get bored of the property, there are shuttles that run between all three Sandals resorts on the island.

What do you recommend?
  • Definitely hike the Pitons. It's not for the faint of heart, but the satisfaction of reaching the top is immense. (Keep an eye out for the guy selling cold beers at the summit!)
  • Rent a private boat and sail down to the south end of the island.
  • Go to the hot mud baths and rinse off under the waterfall.
  • Find Crepe Cat!

What excursions are you guys doing this time? Can I come?
We've narrowed down some of the things we'd like to do, and have included a few options in the survey on the RSVP page. We'll contact you directly if you're interested in going on any of the excursions with us.

Wedding Ceremony

Is your wedding ceremony official since it's outside the U.S.?
Yes. There's a lot of paperwork involved, but it's a legally binding and officially recognized ceremony.

Is there a formal itinerary?
For the most part, no; we want the event to be as relaxed and informal as possible for the convenience (and sanity) of all involved. That being said, we're working with the wedding planner to form a schedule; please refer to the Events page for updates.

Is there a dress code?
Yes, but it's nothing too stringent; we are on a beach afer all. Semi-casual attire is appropriate; feel free to wear open-toe (or no) shoes. Just remember to dress light since it will be very warm.

The bride will not be held responsible for any harm that may come to persons wearing white dresses.

Can I take pictures?
Yes! Just try not to block the photographers.

How long is the reception?
1 hour, followed by dinner. Refer to the Events page for details.

Are the reception and dinner mandatory?
No. We consider this to be your vacation as much as it is our wedding; feel free to do as you please. You will not offend us if you choose not to attend anything other than the ceremony itself.

Will there be an after party?

I came to your wedding. Am I expected to come to your U.S. After Party?
No. We don't require anyone to come to our U.S. event, but we wanted give the people that couldn't come to St. Lucia an opportunity to spend time with us. If you want to come, you're more than welcome to.

Food / Drink

What are the restaurants?
Click Here for a list.

Gordon's, Kimono, and Bombay all require reservations which can be made through the front desk (Sandals Luxury), concierge (Club Level), or by your butler (Butler Elite).

Be sure to check each entry on the list for their dress code.

I have dietary restrictions. Will this be an issue?
No. The resort recommends that you inform your booking agent so they can arrange to have you speak with the chef upon arrival about your needs.

Will there be alcohol?
Yes. Click Here for a list.

Is the alcohol included?

Is the alcohol good?
That depends on how high-end your preference is. The selection is what most would consider "middle shelf." For some of the more seasoned whiskey drinkers, we'd recommend picking up a bottle or two at the Duty-Free shops when at the airport.


Do you have a gift registry?
We realize that attending a destination wedding is a large financial burden for most, and we don't want anyone to feel obligated to also purchase a wedding gift. If you feel so inclined, please feel free to contribute to our furniture fund. (Contact us for details.)

I bought you a wedding gift. Should I bring it?
We appreciate that you wanted to purchase us a gift, but we ask that you either:
  • Ship it to us directly,
  • Bring it to our U.S. After Party, or
  • Bring it to us privately.
This way no one involved will have to worry about checked bag fees or weight restrictions. Feel free to tell us all about it at the wedding!

I smoke cigars. Is this okay?
Yes! All of the restaurants and rooms themselves are non-smoking, however you are allowed to smoke on the grounds and balconies. As you are most likely used to, please be respectful of others when doing so.

  • Bring your own ashtray as there are none provided.
  • Bring disposable lighters and cutters in case they are lost and/or confiscated during travel.
  • Bring matches as a backup.
  • We generally use the gazebo or firepit on the pier to avoid disturbing other guests.

I don't smoke cigars. Is this okay?

Can I propose while I'm down there?
That's what we did; go for it. Just don't do it on our wedding day.


  • Don't talk to the guys at the airport offering to take your luggage; they're grifters.
  • Don't talk to the guys on the beach offering rentals; most of them are grifters. Rentals are handled at the dive shop.
  • Book dinner reservations at the restaurants that require it as far in advance as you can; time slots fill up.
  • Excursions from Island Routes can be booked directly through Sandals since they're affiliated with the resort.
  • If you have an in-room bar, you can request specific liquors and/or wines. So long as they are something the resort carries, it will be restocked to your preferences daily.
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